About Me

I’m a 14 year old computer and science nerd. I code for fun, and love to learn stuff. My nickname is botperson, which I think was obvious from my domain name.

In my spare time, I make videos for Youtube or just program random stuff.

Projects, Games, and other Stuff

A browser based, open source Minecraft clone written in JS.
A chatbot that 'learns'.
A top-down Minecraft clone, very similar to Minicraft, written in C++ and QB64.
Coimbatore Drone Club
A 'club'. See the website for more details.
An online dictionary with games that I made for school. Ended up being good enough for me to upload.
Other Stuff
I upload all my stuff to my IG page (like the hardware stuff I do that I can't link on this site). Also, check my Youtube channel.